Aesthetic & Quality

Proplast blends effectively well the technology with aesthetics and quality which combine heat and sound insulation within its practical use with multi series width of 60mm, 70/60 mm Combi, 70 mm, 76 mm, 80 mm and 85 mm sliding.

Proplast is the leader in the PVC Profile industry.




  • Pay attention that durable TPV grey gaskets have been used in your window and door systems.
  • Prefer double and threefold double-glazed windows for improved noise and tempurature insulation.
  • Choose our series suitable to the structure of your building and climate conditions of enviroment.
  • You can order our series with wide variety of appearance options depending on your desires and needs

The best window in your class

  • A window that does not contain any metallic thermal bridges.
  • All versions and building depths in this range record impressive insulation patterns to effectively reduce CO2, reduce heating costs, and consequently help preserve the environment.
  • Steel reinforcements attached to traditional windows are the weakest point in terms of thermal properties. Thanks to "inside" and "dust inside" we have greatly contributed to energy efficiency.